Data Protection Agreement

Status December 2016

Quantum TV applications are taking the protection of your personal data very seriously. This privacy act declaration governs the storage, processing and disclosure of personal user data by Quantum TV applications in accordance with the European Privacy Act. It is valid part in addition and within the scope of Quantum TV applications General Business Terms and Conditions.

This privacy act declaration applies to all services provided by Quantum TV. Services may include internet websites, as well as (mobile) applications (apps), particularly apps for mobile end devices, smart-TVs and set-top-boxes or streaming-boxes and other applications (software). Unless otherwise indicated, it governs how Quantum TV applications handle your personal data exclusively. If you use third party services, the privacy act provisions of these third parties used shall apply exclusively.

During registration, as well as use, certain personal user data is collected and processed. This includes or may include: e-mail address, name, mailing address, payment information, date of birth, gender, language (as a whole, referred to as “personal data), income, education, household, occupation, consumer behavior, hobbies, preferred activities and use of services (all of the above information is referred to hereafter as “relevant personal data”).
Within the scope of utilization, additional data such as IP addresses, browser type and access times from your computer, are transferred to us automatically and stored on our servers (hereafter referred to as “user data”) With the user identification, Quantum TV applications can collect data regarding the user’s utilization of the services through the user ID or placement of cookies, such as IP address, TV channels and broadcasted advertisements. Cookies are small data files, which are stored on the user’s PC and managed by the user’s browser. Cookies enable faster navigation on websites for example, and personalized access. The user can delete and/or prevent the use of cookies on the browser at any time. The user acknowledges and accepts that deleting cookies may limit the performance and quality of the services.

By registering for, or using the services, the user acknowledges and agrees that his personal data and user data is transferred or made accessible to the line provider that sold Quantum TV applications.
In addition, the user agrees that Quantum TV applications may transfer the personal data received from the user to third parties as follows: to payment providers (e.g. credit card companies, banks, PayPal, mobile service providers, collection agencies), service providers for creating and preparing statistics, IT service providers (e.g. data centers, host providers, backup services, database services). The aforementioned service providers can only access your personal data to the extent necessary for providing their services. These companies, as well as service providers are obligated to handle the data pursuant to this privacy act declaration and the applicable Privacy Protection Act.

The user acknowledges and agrees that relevant personal data is collected and processed in Switzerland, even if the user resides in a different country or utilizes service from a different country.
The user acknowledges and agrees that Quantum TV applications may transfer and export this data to other countries, including the USA, even if the respective country’s privacy act standards deviate from the Swiss standards or the standards of the user’s country of residence. In this case Quantum TV applications shall secure adequate data protection.

If the user accesses the services, Quantum TV applications determine the IP address to define the country in which the user resides in order to designate the available channels.
Quantum TV applications may collect and process data relevant to the user’s utilization of services, e.g. IP address, TV channels and advertisements viewed, time and duration of a session, connectivity information and error messages etc. Quantum TV applications may also use the data for service utilization and preparing anonymous statistics of user behavior, and forward these statistics to third parties.

Our services use the “Scalable Centralized Measuring Process” (SZM) by INFOnline GmbH ( for determining the statistical parameters in using our selections. The collected measurement values are anonymous. To recognize previous computer systems, the SZM-measurement range alternatively uses cookies with the characteristics “”, ““, a Local Storage object, or a signature created from various automatically information transferred from your browser. The measurement range was created in compliance with the privacy act.
The goal of the measurement range is to determine the servitude intensity and the number of website users in a statistical manner. Individual users are not identified at any time. Your identity always remains protected. You will not receive any advertisements through this system. For web providers that are members of the Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e.V. (Information Group for Determination of Web Carriers) (IVW –, or participate in the study “internet facts, of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Online-Forschung e.V. (Work Affiliation Online Research) (AGOF –, the servitude statistics are published monthly by AGOF and the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse e.V. (Work Affiliation Media Analysis)(, as well as IVW and may be accessed at, and In addition to the publication of measurement data, the IVW reviews the SZM process with regard to regulation and privacy conformity servitude on regular basis. Additional information about the SZM process is available on the INFOnline GmbH website (, which operates the SZM process, the privacy act website of AGOF ( and the privacy act website of IVW ( You may dispute data processing by SZM on the following link: and If you are using our services on a mobile end device, you can deactivate data processing by SZM in you settings/privacy act menu for the Quantum TV application.

The user is aware that additional privacy act declarations for certain services, e.g. apps, may apply.

Status December 2016
© 2016, Quantum TV